Electrical Cover

Electrical Cover is our comprehensive electrical cover from only £5.75 per month, and the details are below. Please Contact Us for further information.

What’s included:

Repairs of electrical wiring inside the main residence. This covers fixed wiring, fuse boxes, light switches, wall sockets, light fittings, circuit breakers and transformers (2 per annum).
Parts and labour are included for fitting standard replacement parts e.g. we will fit nearest standard white plastic, brass or chrome effect unless you provide an alternative.
Rodent damage to wiring (property must not be unoccupied for a continuous period of 4 weeks or more).
Bathroom extract fans and smoke alarms connected to the wiring of your home.
Repair of accidental damage (i.e. nail, screw to hidden wiring).
Repair of accidental damage to light switches, light sockets or plug sockets, we will use standard replacements unless you provide an alternative
Reasonable access to get to wiring in order to make a repair


• Repairing controls, pumps, detectors, timers, programmers and alarms
• Repairing or replacing the mains supply to the fuse box
• Repairing parts of the power supply outside the main dwelling/garage (i.e. outbuildings or sheds)
• Replacing rubber or lead wiring
• Repair or accidental damage to the main electrical consumer unit or fuse box
• Replacement of consumer unit or fuse box
• Design faults or pre existing conditions.
• System Improvements
• Damage caused by homeowner or third party
• We will not include the cost of getting access where it is not possible due to a design fault
• We will not make good decoration or plastering to a professional standard




Please Contact Us for more information about our Electrical Cover.