Plumbing Cover

Plumbing Cover is our comprehensive plumbing cover from only £5.75 per month, and the details are below. Please Contact Us for further details.

What’s included:

Repairs or replacement in your home in the event of leaks or mechanical failure of:

Hot and cold water pipes from the main stop tap inside your home leading to your taps, including outside garden tap.
Cold water storage tank (Excluding asbestos).
Leaking overflow pipes.
Washing machine and dishwasher hot and cold flexible pipes (must be installed to manufacturers instructions).
Parts and labour for fitting standard replacement parts. Standard replacement parts may differ from original ones, for example using a standard flush handle to replace a gold plated one, unless you provide an alternative).
Repairs to taps and replacing standard non-ceramic tap washers to repair water leaks and dripping taps (does not include replacing taps).
Repair of accidental damage to hidden internal pipes, if you damage it through puncturing with a nail, screw or similar item which results in a water leak.


• Replacing ceramic discs in taps.
• Replacing taps.
• Bath / Shower seals and grout.
• Repairing or replacing the main stop tap, water softeners, showers, shower pumps and mixing valves, combined overflow and pop up mechanisms, mechanical pumps, water filters, radiators, swimming pools, garden features, rain water pipes and guttering, waste disposal units, macerators (i.e. saniflow), and electrical units for toilets.
• Repair or replacement of lead and steel pipes.
• Temporary frozen pipes that have not resulted in confirmed damage.
• Design faults and pre existing conditions
• System improvements.
• Damage caused by homeowner or third party
• We will not include the cost of getting access where it is not possible due to a design fault.
• We will not make good decoration or plastering to a professional level.
• Damage caused by frost.

Please Contact Us for further details about our Plumbing Cover.